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One of the great things about learning data science at Lambda School is that after all of the sprint challenges, assessments, and code challenges, you still have to prove your acumen by working on a real-world, cross-functional project. They call this portion of the program Lambda Labs, and in my Labs experience, I got to work on a project called Citrics. The idea for this project was to solve a problem faced by nomads (people who move frequently), which was the cumbersome nature of trying to compare various statistics for cities throughout the US.

Imagine if you were going to live in three different cities over the next three years: how would you choose where to go? You might want to know what rental prices looked liked, or which job industry was the most prevalent, or maybe even how “walkable” a city was. The truth is, there are probably lots of things we’d like to know before moving, but we probably don’t have hours and hours to research 10 different websites for these answers. That’s where Citrics comes in. …


Aaron Watkins Jr

I am a Data Scientist and Software Engineer, particularly interested in predictive modeling, sports and cinema.

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